links I love

The Kitchn

The ultimate in food blogging. I absolutely LOVE this page – so much so, that I have it as my homepage! They are always updating with great recipes from blogs all over the internet, kitchen ideas, and fun kitchen gadgets (which I am obsessive about). I promise, if you love food and like browsing around, this site is definitely for you.

Food Gawker

Well, the name basically tells it all. Like drooling over beautiful pictures of delicious food? Want to make the delicious food you see? Check out this page with all the recipes you could ever need!

Active Roots

Active Roots belongs to one of my best friends, Kathy, who is a personal trainer. It’s a spunky and fun blog about health and workout tips and tricks. She’s very down to earth and real about the challenges she, and other people, face along the road to a healthier lifestyle. Do you trust my opinion yet? You should, at least with this one!

The Blender

Williams-Sonoma blog. ‘Nuff said.

Garden Kitchen Home

This blog belongs to my friend and running partner, Kaytie. It’s a great blog about making a home – and as she says, not home-making! It’s all about the title: gardening, kitchen (and food), and home! Check it out.

Remix Your Health

What can I say I have friends passionate about causes? đŸ™‚ This one is my friend Corey’s health initiative targeted towards college students, but there’s great things to learn for everyone! Check out Remix Your Health on Facebook for fun tips and facts!


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