Not Your Average Quesadilla

So I made this recipe when I was running really low on food in the house AND I still had all that apple smoked Gruyere left from my French onion chicken.

I’ve seen grilled cheese sandwiches made with apple and mustard, but I didn’t have any bread left. I did, however, have a couple tortilla shells handy.

I thought, why not make it a quesadilla instead?

It was delicious for lunch or it would make a good snack.

And so goes the story of how the apple and cheese quesadilla was born!

Also, side note. I won’t be posting any new recipes until probably the weekend. I forgot the camera cord! So all of my lovely recent recipe pictures are sitting on it for just me to look at.

Apple & Cheese Quesadilla
(Serves 1)

1 whole grain tortilla, I used the smaller size
8-10 thin slices of apple, peeled or unpeeled, your preference
1-2 oz. apple smoked Gruyere or another cheese like it
2 tsps. Dijon mustard or a honey mustard

Heat a skillet over medium-high heat. Place the tortilla in the pan.

Grab your apple slices. They should be pretty thin. Like this:

On half of the tortilla shell, sprinkle with cheese and layer the apple slices over top. Spread the mustard over the other half.

Fold the mustard half over top of the apple half. Turn when the tortilla is golden brown on one side. It’s done when it gets golden brown on the other side!

Slice into pieces and enjoy!

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