Innovation with Cupcakes!

Sometimes I am clever. In my last post, I mentioned that there was a gathering for a friend’s birthday party. Here I was making pretzels and cupcakes! Perhaps I should have just stuck to one, but I like to be ambitious.

How was I clever? I had 24 cupcakes that I needed to display for friends…how should I go about doing this when I don’t have a large enough tray on hand? Well, I made a makeshift cake stand!

I took the largest platter I had available to me, flipped a soup bowl upside down, and placed a dinner plate on top. Voila! The bottom cupcakes I angled on the side of the bowl so the tops could be seen.

If you have fancy plates, bowls, and trays, the possibilites are endless! I can tell you’re thinking of what’s in your kitchen right now. Have anything cool? Maybe even a decorative mug to use instead of a bowl? Or to add another tier with a salad plate on top?

Who needs to buy a cupcake stand?!

Next time... I'm flipping the platter upside down.

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