Hello, new friend

Falling for food. Well, in a nutshell that’s me telling the cyber world that 1) I’m in love with food, 2) I love the fall (oh, what perfect timing!), and 3) I don’t discriminate against types of food – I’m an equal opportunist with an open heart and stomach. It has nothing to do with the number 4, the name was already taken…touche, original falling for food.

I’ve been reading food blogs for years. Plenty of URLs bookmarked into a “Foodie” folder on my Firefox browser, but some remain untouched, uncooked, uneaten. I’m not quite a huge fan of following recipes to the “T” – unless I’m baking! – I use a lot of recipes for inspiration if I get cooking block. This blog is my attempt to give some inspiration to others in the kitchen, and watch as I experiment with food! We will laugh (at all my jokes or when my bread does not rise), cry (when I cut my hand doing some chopping or just dicing onions), and fill our stomachs together!

You’ll learn quickly that I find it difficult to give exact measurements for some of my recipes, so be sure to use your own palates and tastes if you’d like to use any of the things I post on this blog. I’m a big fan of letting my instincts – and mouth – guide me to what I think is the perfect taste.

So if you’ve read this far, you’re either my friend and you like me, I’ve paid you a small fee, or, wait, could it be? You’re actually interested in what I have to say? Well, new best friend, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and I hope you will also be falling for food along with me.


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